That's what happens when you add video enhancements to a shareholders' or partners' meeting. That's what happens when you make sure your employees can see the chairman make that important announcement.

Collaborations In Communications, Inc. knows how to make your large meetings work for you and your audience. Since 1972, we've been staging big corporate meetings - meetings with 250 to 5,000 people in one room - or meetings with people in many rooms all attending by TV the same meeting.

You only get one chance to do it right.

We have expertise in handling shareholders', partners' and employee meetings. We've done meetings in more than a dozen major cities across the U.S. In New York alone, we've produced meetings at the Waldorf-Astoria, Lincoln Center Avery Fisher Hall, Mark Hellinger Theater, New York Hilton Grand Ballroom, Sheraton Center Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt, Marriott Marquis, Lighthouse Society, Whiteny Museum, NY Historical Society Museum, Museum of Radio & Television, and Madison Square Garden Felt Forum.

As consultants in corporate communications, we specialize in corporate meetings in corporate settings. We are creative consultants. We collaborate with you from the pre-meeting planning through the staging of a trouble-free meeting that allows you to deliver your message most effectively.

We can help you make your next meeting a resounding success. We offer:

* production of large meetings including creation of video segments, slides speeches and scripts and handling of all production requirements including floor plans, equipment rentals, crew staffing, lighting and set design;

* video reports of what happened at the meeting to be sent to those who could not attend;

* video enhancement of meetings -- literally putting your speaker "into the big picture" so your audience can clearly get the message intended;

* video transmission of that picture to an overflow crowd down the hall;

* satellite video transmission of your meeting to multiple locations in the U.S. and overseas.


If you've got a big meeting on your schedule, put Collaborations on your calendar now. Make sure your next big meeting isn't missing that certain something...


Exxon stockholder's meeting


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